About me

I'm T.X. Watson. Most pronouns are fine. I'm 31(±1) years old, and I live in wesetern Mass.

I got my undergraduate degree from Hampshire College in May 2018, after about nine years of college. Now, I’m desperately struggling to keep my head above water and figure out ways to fit my life into the fascist-capitalist hellscape of 21st Century America.

I'm an art-and-philosophy student, fiction writer, and, like, other things, probably, I guess. You can find my currently only published fiction story in the anthology Sunvault: Stories of Solarpunk and Eco-Speculation. It's really good. (The whole book, I mean. Obviously I think my story's good but seriously it's a really good book and I'm immensely proud to be published alongside the other works in it.)

You can find me in a lot of places on the internet, usually just as txwatson. I’m just starting to get on Mastodon as of writing (note: the last time I updated this page was over 2 years ago so this may not be current when you get to it), my address is @txwaston@mastodon.cloud

About the blog

I've been blogging regularly (with interruptions) for maybe close to 10 years now. My first blog has been removed from the internet, and, since nothing is ever really removed from the internet, I'm not going to write either what it was called or what (different) pen name I wrote it under.

In the spring of 2013, I tried to set up a wiki on my ipage account, and in the process I corrupted the data for my blog, as well as the other websites hosted under the same account: a friend's company and another friend's professional home page.

That content has now been recovered. It's right here, but I urge you to keep in mind that a lot of that content comes from many years ago, and represents positions that I often no longer hold, and in some cases vehemently disagree with and am embarrassed to have ever thought.


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