About me

I'm T.X. Watson. (I thought about just copying my 'about' from my OKCupid page, but it's not quite the right info for here, I think.) You can call me T, T.X., Watson, or most other things. I'm not picky.

I'm a fiction writer (as of writing my first professional publication is a few months out), and former editor of Solarpunk Press, a free web magazine and podcast that published solarpunk science fiction and fantasy. We closed down after our October 2016 issue but all the stories are still available online.

I am active on Tumblr, trying to get the hang of Twitter, vaguely present on Reddit and Google+.

About the blog

I've been blogging regularly (with interruptions) for something like five or six years now. My first blog has been removed from the internet, and, since nothing is ever really removed from the internet, I'm not going to write either what it was called or what (different) pen name I wrote it under.

In the spring of 2013, I tried to set up a wiki on my ipage account, and in the process I corrupted the data for my blog, as well as the other websites hosted under the same account: a friend's company and another friend's professional home page.

That content has now been recovered. It's right here, but I urge you to keep in mind that a lot of that content comes from many years ago, and represents positions that I often no longer hold, and in some cases vehemently disagree with and am embarrassed to have ever thought.