Part 2; Pgs. 162-163

Finals have been keeping me busy, so I missed the past couple days.  They're not over, so it may still be a bit spotty, but I hope to be back on track now.  Going to be slow going, though. I think it's probably that I wasn't alive in the 1930's and have never been to Ireland, but I don't seem to have the underlying mesh of background comprehension and understanding to form solid mental pictures of the world that Bloom is talking about.  I find myself second-guessing my guesses about what a scene would look like.  Is that too medieval?  Wouldn't they have electricity here?  Why am I imagining stone streets?  When was cement even invented?  Shouldn't Dublin be bigger than this?

But it does seem small, the way all the characters seem to know each other.  Then again, people tend to know people, and it's not hard to write a book about people who seem to know everyone they bump into in a city -- a city is just a bunch of villages, really close together.