Part 2; Pgs. 137-138

I find that there are very different kinds of books, which I read for very different kinds of experiences.  As a result, my reading habits can be affected weirdly by events in my life. Yesterday, for example, I had a particularly emotionally stressful night, and while I didn't get any reading of any sort done, I know that there were two dramatically different reasons for that fact -- I couldn't read Ulysses because I couldn't focus on it, and I couldn't read the other book I'm reading, Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett, because the deep, fast-paced emotional development of Pratchett's books can be painful, when I'm already in pain.  I feel this way about most fiction.

This morning, I read a short story for a class, which felt quite a lot like reading Ulysses -- in the sense that I was reading it more for comprehension than light entertainment.  That story was bland, and hard to care about.

I think I've made pretty good choices with my free time reading.