Part 2; Pgs. 127-136

I was about to write that my reading seems to be undergoing an ebb and flow of contemplation, then I realized that I've been using that phrase a lot lately. Regardless, there seem to be chunks of this book that catch my attention a lot more than others, and it occurs to me to imagine it like listening to an album by a band I like, but haven't listened to much before.  Yes, Virginia by the Dresden Dolls, Comfort Eagle by Cake, I listen to them over and over again, and while first I like a few songs, and listen through (or skip) the rest, eventually, I start to get bored of the most obvious sections, and become interested, then enthralled, by the other songs.  I like Short Skirt, Long Jacket, but I love Commissioning a Symphony in C.

I suspect, though I can't be sure, that many of the hidden depths of this book are going to be unveiled in the parts I've been skating over in this first read.

Do all these characters work at a newspaper?  That would make a lot more sense of the headline-style section headings in the part of the book where they seem all to be at work.