Part 2; Pgs. 62-69

This blog is great.  I've been having kind of a rough day, focus-wise, so it's awesome to have notes on yesterday's reading so I can just catch up and jump back in. Bloom seems to really love his wife.  He's definitely very much attracted to her.  I wonder if these are the passages that got the book in trouble, legally?  Though, I doubt it.  It doesn't seem quite enough to merit banning up to this point.

Reading the trains of thought in this book feels like reading trilogies, the way they drift away from a topic then sharply veer back to it, just long enough to remind you you're still reading about the same characters, in the same world.  It is, honestly, brutally well done.

I don't want to blather on much more tonight, feeling like if I try to write a lot I'll just end up writing a lot of crap.  The book remains compelling, the descriptions deeply enthralling.  Especially Bloom's frying the kidney, which made me want to have some even though I've never tried it.