Part 1; Pgs. 23-37

Man, Mulligan is really into Nietzsche. More Latin!  (24*)

Liliata rutilantium. Turma circumdet. Iubilantium te virginium

That's just chunks of the Latin from earlier in the chapter, and I'm not sure which parts these parts mean.

Then, there appears to be a chapter-break.  Not sure whether the white spaces count as chapter brekas, but there are several of them before Part 2, which comes up in about another 25 pages.

The way the characters talk to each other in this chapter reminds me of Waiting for Godot, the way they urgently discuss things that don't seem to bear any real relevance to their situation.  Though, I suppose, that's a fairly realistic portrayal of conversation.

In that sense, it also reminds me of the After Hours videos at Cracked.  Especially when Stephen "proves by algebra that Shakespeare's ghost is Hamlet's grandfather," (29*)  which also reminds me of Vi Hart's criticism of  the proof that π=4.

I love Stephen's mental rattling of debts (31*) and find Mr Deasy's sanctimonious pride about being debt-free annoying.  "I paid my way," he says.  "I owe nothing."  Like he didn't grow up in a country built by other men and women, every step of his life supported by millions of people in every way he could imagine.  He couldn't piss without the favor of a chamber pot.  I can't stand people who think they owe nothing.

He says his motto is Per vias rectas, which Wikipedia informs me means "By straight paths," and is the motto of Belvedere College, "a private secondary school for boys located [] Dublin, Ireland."  I wonder whose kindness and support got him into there.

-History, Stephen said, is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake. (35*)

I've heard that quote a number of times before, and it's nice to see it in its appropriate context.  I had no idea, though, that it would come this early in the book.  I fear I may run out of easy touchstones early...

-The ways of the Creator are not our ways, Mr Deasy said.  All history moves towards one great goal, the manifestation of God. (35*)

Of course.  Mr Deasy's a fucking Hegelian.  I knew I didn't like him.

Favorite passage in today's reading:

Mulligan, nine pounds, three pairs of socks, one pair brogues, ties.  Curran, ten guineas.  McCann, one guinea.  Fred Ryan, two shillings.  Temple, two lunches.  Russell, one guinea, Cousins, ten shillings, Bob Reynolds, half a guinea, Kohler, three guineas, Mrs McKernan, five weeks' board.  The lump I have is useless. (31*)

*Yes, it did only just occur to me that page references for quotes is a good idea.