Author's note

Okay, so.

I got this idea at about 10pm on a Sunday night, and I've been up all night doing stuff.  Some of the stuff I've been doing is preparing to implement this idea, but not all of it.  So, this page will be updated as the process goes on, but to start with it's not thoroughly explored.

This might be a little pretentious, but what I'm aiming for is to have fun with exploring symbolism in writing and the way stories can interact with themselves when you let them.  I can't intuitively estimate my own skill as a writer, but I haven't been published, if that's at all illuminating.

If you want an example of my writing that's less literary, less experimental, and more varied, here's my blog.

Here's some quick meta-information.

The Book is being written in 1st person perspective, and will stick to one viewpoint character per half-chapter.  If all goes according to plan, half-chapters will be coming out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the next four weeks.  I make no guarantees about finishing, making sense, or being any good.  I sincerely hope it works out, but this is not my area of expertise.

The Book is highly symbolic.  I make no guarantees whatsoever that the symbolism lines up in any way with any existing systems of symbolism.  I make no guarantees about the symbolism being comprehensible or intuitive.  I make no guarantees about the symbolism being subtle enough to not feel like you're being beaten over the head with it.  I don't intend to explain my symbolism, although I might at some point decide to explain the reasons I don't want to explain.  I invite you to explore my awfulness as an author in the comments of this post, as long as they don't contain spoilers.

If anyone wants to do similar projects alongside mine, or write divergent, parallel, or predictive chapters about mine, or any other variation on playing along, I think that would be pretty awesome and welcome you to do so.  I've licensed The Book under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike 3.0 license.

As for the comments, NO SPOILERS ARE PERMITTED. Comments may discuss only events and developments that occurred before the last punctuation mark on the post they're attached to.  So, Chapter 1b comments may discuss Chapter 0a, Chapter 1a, and Chapter 1b.  They may not discuss chapter 3a, no matter how long both chapters have been available.  First time comments will be held for moderation, and I will be checking subsequent comments.

Comments have been shut off, because this blog has been up for about half a year and I've never received any comments other than spam.  You can email me at if you have any questions or comments, and if there's interest I might turn them back on.

Oh, and while I'm doing this project very lightheartedly, the story itself seems like it's shaping up to be pretty dark.  Just thought it was worth mentioning.

A final note before you begin reading:

There is nothing symbolic about the author's note.  Seriously, it's not part of the book, and will be changed whenever it's convenient to do so.

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