Writer, the internet typewriter

I recently extolled the virtues of OmmWriter, a minimalist-resembling word processor that did a very good job of causing me to produce a huge quantity of text, much faster than I likely would have, otherwise. Unfortunately, as I also recently mentioned, my computer has undergone some fail.  I'm currently working out of a Chromebook my friend lent me while he figures out what went wrong with the computer, and while I love working out of a Chromebook, it can't do a lot of the stuff I want it to -- like run OmmWriter.

So I decided to check out something else, instead.  GoogleDocs is sort of fine, but I end up spending too much time worrying about the formatting.  And while I blog straight out of the built-in word processor in WordPress, that's not how I want to draft a story.  (Especially considering the risk of accidentally posting it.)

But I have discovered an alternative!  A web-based, minimalist word processor called "Writer," which looks like an approximation of an old computer monitor, and can be set to make typewriter noises.  Which is fun.  (I once heard a writer say something to the effect of, "A writer's job is to sit down for four hours a day and make clacking sounds on the keyboard.")

It auto-saves your files, and you can set up an account so you can access them from any computer.  You can also adjust the color of the text.  I set mine to 9dft7a, because (a.) it's a nice green color, and (b.) I enjoy the pun.

Stuff I Like: Sharpie Pens

I'm a writer.  As a consequence of this, I spend a lot of time with pens.  I mean, I do most of my writing on the computer, but there are definitely advantages to writing things out longhand, and it's a lot easier to do the editing part printed out on paper. Sharpie pens, specifically the fine point ones, are ideal for both of these ends.

They aren't super-cheap, but what they lack in affordability they make up for in working every time you use them until they run out of ink, an advantage that cheaper pends tend to lack.  Amazingly, they also manage not to bleed, even though I'm pretty sure they've got the same kind of ink in them as regular sharpies.

They're great for smooth, clear writing, at least for me.  (I find that my handwriting is strongly influenced by the pen I'm using.)

I recommend these pens to anyone looking for good working writing utensils.