Womens Menswear

This IndieGoGo campaign has already met their funding goal, but they deserve more money -- specifically, the money that comes from people patronizing their business. Krezubach 10 is a clothing label that makes menswear cut to fit women's bodies.  From their IndieGoGo page:

We don't like to say we make women's shirts, because that makes us sound like a lot of other labels who take a button up shirt, feminize it with girly colours  and patterns and maybe even add some frilly bits then still have the nerve to call it 'man style.'

That's not us.

Our shirts are designed to be straight up what you'd expect to find in the men's department; Primary colours, geometric patterns, no frills.

This is awesome -- I can't personally shop with them, being male-bodied, but I know a lot of female-bodied people who have wished they could find mens clothes that fit them.

Here's a link to their IndieGoGo campaign, for information, and here's their Facebook page, for future updates.  I will continue to update as I hear of new information about their progress.