Mashable: Chrome extensions for everybody

I love lists of "X Must-Have Apps/Extensions/Whatever for [Career]s" -- not because I do most of these jobs, but because special-purpose extensions go a long way towards enriching my experience of the internet.  In this case, there are a few that will be really useful for blogging, and a few that will be really useful for tweaking the design of my blogs. Mashable's list, 10 Essential Chrome Extensions for Designers, has a lot of great stuff for just using the internet.  I've already installed ColorZilla, Screen Capture, Pixlr Editor, MeasureIt!, and Palette.  The rest of them were really, definitely specific to webpage designers and I don't particularly need them.

There's less in the 10 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Developers, being mostly more technical and less artistic, but Resolution Test looks pretty useful for the occasions when I'm trying to tweak my web page, and I cannot begin to explain how useful I think Session Manager is going to be.  Mashable writes:

When you're working on the web, browser tabs management is a priceless skill -- it's so easy to slip into bad habits and become "tab happy." Session Manager saves your browsing state and lets you re-open the session later. It is particularly useful if you find yourself opening the same web pages over and over.

The extension groups and saves related tabs, so for example, you could save your favorite news or social networking sites under their own session names, and then quickly access them without having to individually open each website.

I've usually got three windows packed with tabs running at a time, and dozens of folders in my bookmarks labeled "Prematurely closed."  I will be using this app extensively.