MentalFloss's video channel exists now

Mental_Floss, my favorite website for days when I can't think of anything to blog about, has a vlog now, hosted by my favorite vlogger who is also a parent,[1. And makes that fact known to the internet.  Maybe Charlie McDonnell has vidcon groupie kids or something.  Also, sorry, Joe Beretta: SourceFed doesn't count as a vlog, so you weren't in the running.] John Green.  Check it out:

Mental_Floss content causally contains a lot of stuff I've already heard, but pretty much every piece of content they create has something in it I didn't know.  Here are some of the things from this video that were new to me:  02. Iron Maidens didn't exist.  17. Chameleons change color for reasons other than camouflage. 24. I knew that people use more than 10% of their brains, but I didn't know that the myth comes from a metaphor that was apparently misconstrued.

Also:  Don't eat batteries.