I started a new drug last night

My psychiatrist prescribed me a new medication yesterday, and I started it last night.  I wasn't expecting anything to happen today, I think because I'm used to reuptake inhibitors, which take like a month to start doing anything at all.  This one's a blood pressure medicine.  Sort of.  (I can't remember its name.) It was originally concieved as a blood pressure medicine, but then they figured out that it has a whole bunch of other uses.  I'm taking it because it's good for anxiety, but not in a 'just dulls the panic' kind of way.  It's supposed to increase bloodflow to the front of my brain, where the authoritative decisionmaking takes place.  Now, when my brain has an argument about whether to have ice cream or salad, or whether to watch Minecraft videos or do homework, the salad/homework side is going to have a little extra artillery.

And there's a good chance this is just the placebo effect, but it feels like it's already started working.  I dreamt a lot last night -- the dreams were vivid, and in some cases scary, but they were also somewhat substantially more banal than usual.  One of them was that I'd missed a bunch of phone calls about a job I've applied for.

And this morning, it's been much easier to get out of bed, and to stop doing one thing and start another while getting ready.  It was easy, when I decided to write this post before leaving, to just sit down and do it -- normally, I'd struggle in my head over whether it's a good idea, wasting precious minutes.

Hopefully these are all good signs for the new med.  I'm looking forward to what might come of it if it's effective.