Stuff I Want: Tactile touch screens

(via Boing Boing) A company called Tactus Technology has added a new dimension to Touchscreen technology.  Literally[1.  Well, not literally literally, there's always been a functionally negligible third dimension in touchscreens.].

I want this so much.  I would love to have a tablet that I could use as a portable office -- a slim, lightweight device I could use for everything I would need a laptop to do.  But the major problem with that is that tablet keyboards are not particularly convenient for large amounts of writing.  I'm a writer.  It's pretty much what I'd need the device for.

That said, this first-gen doesn't look super-satisfying for large quantities of text.  I'm sure it'll be an improvement over the existing model (and I can't wait to see the first version of Whack-a-mole made with this in mind) but what I'm really excited to think about is where this technology might be within the next several years.

I'm imagining a keyboard sized touchscreen that produces a satisfying, clicky style keyboard when needed, and which easily interfaces with any of the great number of smart surfaces all over the urban environment, or serves as a passable display on its own.