Yellow Jacket: iPhone stun gun case

(via SourceFed) The indiegogo campaign for the Yellow Jacket is at about half of its funding goal, as of this writing.  But they selected the flexible fundraising option, so they don't actually need to raise that much.  They've already reached their lowest goal.  They're going to get all the money that people have promised them, and the product, the Yellow Jacket iPhone case taser, will be created and distributed.

The co-founders, Sean Simone and Seth Froom, have displayed an impressive amount of faith in their product, the latter going so far as to take a shock to the gut in a pitch meeting:

All that said and seen, I have some reservations about the product.  I'm not worried about the taser discharging into anyone's ear -- with a rotating plastic cap and a safety switch, I think it's unrealistic that many people will harm themselves accidentally with this device.

Tasers are not safe weapons, though.  They may be safer than guns, but they can still kill.  The United Nations has classed them as an illegal torture device, and Amnesty International calls them inhumane.

And it's not enough to say, "If you have a heart problem, don't assault people."  Mistakes get made, people do stupid things, and there's no weapon that can't also be used by the bad guys.  The more tasers are in the hands of citizens, and the more often those citizens are carrying them, the more people are going to accidentally shock someone who looks threatening.  The more teenagers are going to kill their friends with undiagnosed arrhythmia because they were showing off. The more repeated taser shocks are going to figure into domestic abuse cases.

Still, that extra 20 hours of battery life sounds awesome.  I can imagine getting one just for that.