The loneliest whale

Maggie Koetrth-Baker at Boing Boing writes about a particular whale whose voice is outside the natural range used by whales of its species to comunicate.  Scientists have been following this whale for years, and don't know why the whale's voice is outside the normal range of 10-31 hertz.

Scientists usually pick up the call of the 52-hertz whale sometime between August and December, as it makes its way through a Cold War-era network of underwater microphones in the North Pacific. Although this whale has apparently survived for many years and seems to have grown and matured during that time (based on its voice deepening slightly), it also appears to exist outside of whale social systems. It travels alone. Nobody answers its high-pitched pleas for love. Every so often, non-scientist humans remember that it exists and write sad stories about it. But nobody is sure why it sings out of range of its fellow whales.

Thanks, Maggie, for starting my day off with this incredibly sad news.