Gender neutral Easy-Bake Oven petition

(via Boing Boing)

The above video implores viewers to sign a petition for Hasbro to push back against the ubiquitous assumption that women are the only people who want to learn to cook, or play with cooking toys.  Mckenna Pope recorded her brother explaining that he wants an Easy-Bake Oven for Christmas, but thinks "Only girls play with it."

From the petition:

Imagine my surprise when I walked into his room to find him "cooking" tortillas by placing them on top of his lamp's light bulb! Obviously, this is not a very safe way for him to be a chef, so when he asked Santa for his very own Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven, produced by the Hasbro company, for me to help him be the cook he's always wanted to be, my parents and I were immediately convinced it was the truly perfect present.

However, we soon found it quite appalling that boys are not featured in  packaging or promotional materials for Easy Bake Ovens -- this toy my brother's always dreamed about. And the oven comes in gender-specific hues: purple and pink.

I feel that this sends a clear message: women cook, men work.

I have always been adamantly against anything that promotes specific roles in society for men and women, and having grown up with toys produced by the Hasbro corporation, it truly saddens me that such a successful business would resort to conforming to society's views on what boys do and what girls do.

I want my brother to know that it's not "wrong" for him to want to be a chef, that it's okay to go against what society believes to be appropriate.

Here: go sign.  I did.  They're only about 6,000 signatures away from the 35,000 signature goal.

Laci Green is back

Laci Green, a vlogger who primarily deals with sex positivity, was off the internet for a while, because there was some drama about her older videos and some of her critics went farther than anyone should ever go on the internet. Fortunately, though, she's back, opening up with a new intro clip and an episode of Sex+ on friendships between cissexual men and women.  She addresses the history of gender conflicts and some of the ways that cultural trends arbitrarily reinforce the idea that male people and female people can't just be friends with each other.

It's a great video, and you should check it out.  Also, welcome back, Laci.  We missed you.

Eagle Scouts turn in their badges in protest

Maggie Koerth-Baker at Boing Boing reports on Eagle Scouts, those who hold the highest honor available to a Boy Scout, returning their badges in protest of the Boy Scouts' repeated affirmation of their explicitly anti-gay policy. I was in the Boy Scouts when I was a teenager -- I quit when I was a second-class, for moral reasons (I didn't like the religious stuff or the gay thing, and I had philosophical quibbles with most of the specific moral affirmations) though if I'm being honest, I hate the outdoors too much to have ever made it to Eagle.

It's nice to see people who do believe in what the Scouts, at best, stand for doing something to try to push the organization in a less totally awful direction.