Weird alien porcupine thing

Caitlin may not be happy with me for saying this, but the porcupine in the latest SciShow is really cool.  [video link; embedded below]

The porcupine, whose name is Kemosabe, comes in at about 3:45, and it's a prehensile-tailed porcupine native to South America.  Also, apparently this thing is small for a porcupine.  So, I'm not super into the idea of meeting a regular, North-American porcupine.

They are unique for a porcupine because of their smaller size and long, quill-less prehensile tail. A "prehensile tail" means that they can use their tail to hold onto branches like a 5th hand. It is so strong that they can hang upside down from just their tail! This comes in very handy because they are arboreal, which means they live up in the trees for their whole lives.

There are a few parts in the episode where I was honestly pretty sure it was animatronic, or a puppet or something.  The noise it makes sounds like the noise you can get out of a plastic kid's toy.  (That's a toy that is made of plastic, and belongs to a kid, not a toy belonging to a kid who is made of plastic.)  If it weren't Hank Green and SciShow, I'd be skeptical that those things actually exist.

AnimalWonders, the organization that brought the porcupine to SciShow, does also have a hedgehog, whose name is Groucho.  Groucho is more adorable than Kemosabe, but I agree with Hank that Kemosabe makes a more convincing extraterrestrial.