Update about responsibilities this semester

So I'm back on the school newspaper this semester, and tonight is the first production night.  Or, rather, production day, going into night.  I got here at about noon, and it's almost eight, and it is roughly all I've done today. I mean, I've done other stuff too, but that other stuff primarily consisted of dicking around on the internet while I waited for other people to get their pages finished so I could edit them.  (I'm the copy editor.)  I tried to get some of my blogging done, but a significant portion of my writing energy and attention was diverted by the paper.

So, it's going to be hard to keep up with this blogging schedule, again.  I'm not cutting down on the minimum wordcount -- I did that once already, when I was as busy last semester as I'm going to be this one -- but I'm going to have to change around my habits to keep up with it.

So, Minecraft is probably going to have to take a back seat soon.  Also probably a lot of YouTube.

Or maybe there will be advantages to having my time structured again -- I had plenty to do this vacation, but it was all under my control when it got done and when I had free time.  Maybe being at school often will force me to get my work done earlier, and I can go home and relax?  (That would be nice.  It's very stressful to end a day frantically finishing up the things I put off.)

So, this isn't a rules update or anything.  Just an observation.

Talk to you on Monday.