John Dies at the End: The Movie [NSFW]

Someone on Reddit just shared the Rated-R trailer for the new John Dies at the End movie:

Honestly, I am super-excited.

Generally, I don't like horror movies.  I am easily scared ,and on the rare occasion where I make the ill-advised decision to look into some creepypasta I generally spend weeks afterwards more than usually afraid of the dark.

I read John Dies at the End years ago, when it was still available for free on the internet.  (I got the recommendation from a friend, who opened with "Normally I never read anything, but...", which was a pretty stellar start.  I mean, it turned out that he read it because his ex-girlfriend had listed it as a thing she likes on MySpace, so he thought it was a death threat, but still.)

John Dies at the End is one of those incredibly rare new things, a book that fuses 90's humor, aesthetic, and cynicism with desensitization and video game logic.  David Wong pulled together genre conventions that, up to that point, hadn't existed in written fiction.  And he did it incredibly well. 

From what I've seen of the trailers, the movie is going to live up to that standard, not pull apart the structure of the book to fit a traditional three-act horror structure.  Also:  I love Paul Giamatti as the reporter.