Charity Debt: Public Knowledge

I said earlier this month that I was probably going to pick Public Knowledge for this month's Charity Debt.  I never actually got around to doing the write-up, though.  (I mean, now I'm getting around to it.  But it's the 21st.)  For the record:  though I absolutely intend to buy a copy of Pirate Cinema for a classroom somewhere, my feeling of debt to authors who release their work for free is separate from my commitment to donate a chunk of my (hypothetical) income to charity on a regular basis. Public Knowledge's minimum donation is $10, so this month's entry is going to be a little more expensive than usual.  But that's fine.  The point of this is to do it when I can afford it, right?  Though I'm starting to feel like I should do some of them soon even if I'm not out of debt yet.

Public Knowledge lists four major categories of issues they support:  Open Internet, including net neutrality and getting internet access to as many people as possible; Promoting Creativity, including pursuing a more balanced system of copyright, and defending that more balanced system to protect more artists; Open & Accessible Technology, including "Ensuring access to communications for all Americans;" and International, including foreign legislation about copyright and control that would affect the internet for everyone.

Public Knowledge is a great cause, and I'm happy to support it.  This looks like one of the places I'd be interested in signing up for a regular donation, when I have an income greater than my expenses.  Until then, I'm committing to donate $10 when I can get around to it, and encouraging all my readers to donate, too.