Miner Rescue: a pretty cool game

I just spent like 20 minutes playing this game, so I really feel like I ought to blog about it.  Besides, fun little online games are great and deserve attention. The game is called Miner Rescue, and I got the link from Boing Boing. In it, you rescue miners from a mine infested with aliens.  Which is a great premise.  I'd totally watch that movie.

Here are some tips for things I screwed up:  You need to get the scroll from the commander above-ground before you can rescue any miners.  At some point, I'm not sure if you can get it right away, she'll also give you a sword that kills the aliens much faster.  And don't touch the red obelisk, it revives all the aliens.

Here you go -- save some miners.

Writer, the internet typewriter

I recently extolled the virtues of OmmWriter, a minimalist-resembling word processor that did a very good job of causing me to produce a huge quantity of text, much faster than I likely would have, otherwise. Unfortunately, as I also recently mentioned, my computer has undergone some fail.  I'm currently working out of a Chromebook my friend lent me while he figures out what went wrong with the computer, and while I love working out of a Chromebook, it can't do a lot of the stuff I want it to -- like run OmmWriter.

So I decided to check out something else, instead.  GoogleDocs is sort of fine, but I end up spending too much time worrying about the formatting.  And while I blog straight out of the built-in word processor in WordPress, that's not how I want to draft a story.  (Especially considering the risk of accidentally posting it.)

But I have discovered an alternative!  A web-based, minimalist word processor called "Writer," which looks like an approximation of an old computer monitor, and can be set to make typewriter noises.  Which is fun.  (I once heard a writer say something to the effect of, "A writer's job is to sit down for four hours a day and make clacking sounds on the keyboard.")

It auto-saves your files, and you can set up an account so you can access them from any computer.  You can also adjust the color of the text.  I set mine to 9dft7a, because (a.) it's a nice green color, and (b.) I enjoy the pun.