Gangnam Style passed 1 billion views

Gangnam Style passed 1 billion views today.  YouTube even made a special  gif for it, dancing next to the view counter.  (For some reason, it won't let me insert the gif into the post, so you'll have to go to the video and hope it's still there.) That's about one view for every seven people on earth.  I mean, obviously it's not exactly that, because it's been more often seen by the same people over and over again than it's been seen by new people, but still.

To celebrate, here's a link and an embed to the most popular song on the internet:

Videos on the internet! feat. Music

Sorted This Way

(via Geek Tyrant)

I've seen Not Literally, the YouTube channel, a few times before, but I'm not really intimately familiar with their work.  So I probably wouldn't have stumbled upon this otherwise, and I'm glad I checked out the main page of Geek Tyrant today, where it was linked -- they've released a new music video today, called "Sorted This Way" -- a parody of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way," extolling Hufflepuff pride.

The video, which features brilliant filmography and great music, and a bunch of cool visual gags and clever moments, is very funny, and weirdly moving.  "Sorted This Way" absolutely deserves its place in the tradition of geeky meta-media that brings to the surface the valuable existential lessons that lurk implicitly in the media a lot of us grew up loving.

Thank You Hater!

(via Destructoid)

This one's a bit older, having come out early last month, but it's brilliantly clever and deserves as much signal boost as possible.  It's also got some recognizable faces in the middle of it, and that's always fun.

Clever Pie and Isabel Fay's "Thank You Hater!" is overflowing with sarcasm, and fills in the first half of the self-esteem narrative that "Sorted This Way" closes out, bringing attention to the existence and severity of the kind of hate that gets thrown at people who put themselves out there trying to be themselves -- in this case especially content creators.

Star-Spangled Pride Pants

I don't always keep up on Geek and Sundry, but I'm glad I stay subscribed -- because sometimes things like this show up in my YouTube feed.  I try not to post things on my blog that are just a link and the text "What is this I don't even", but this video came really damn close.