Whimventory, the universal wishlist

So my partner was putting things on a wishlist on a yarn site somewhere, and I was thinking "Isn't it annoying that there isn't some kind of universal wishlist for the whole internet?"  Then, instead of saying anything out loud about it, I googled "Universal wishlist," because I think it's annoying when people ponder conundrums that can be solved with the same keywords that are in their question, so I figured I shouldn't make anyone else (i.e. my partner) sit through it. The first link I found when I googled "Universal wish list" was Whimventory, the universal wishlist.  It's quite a cool site -- you get a little browser button, and if you're on a site that sells things, and you click on it, it makes some guesses at the name of the product you want, the picture of it, and the price, and gives you a box to adjust those things if they're wrong, then saves them in a little index card kind of thing as a link to that page on your wishlist.  For example:

Whimventory - txwatson - Wishlist

I started my wishlist off by stocking it with the first things that came to mind from the overlap between stuff I want and stuff I think I ought to want.  By the way, I've set the image above to go to my wishlist, like, just in case for some reason you wanted to buy me something or whatever.  No big deal.