Candle-powered candle

(via Boing Boing) At first glance, this was the most absurd product I'd seen today. The candle-powered electric candle seems like a thought experiment in pointless waste.   Then I read the description, and it turns out it's actually kind of sensible -- especially if you've ever tried to read by candlelight.

[...] after a few days of constant lighting, all of my batteries will be dead. This means that either I need rechargeable batteries, or a way to generate electricity without them. Not needing batteries to begin with seemed most sensible to me. I explored different options and finally figured out a low-cost, long-term, and portable, method to keep my electric candles lit.  I am going to use heat generated by tea lights.

It also looks like you could arrange for this to be a lot safer than an open flame, but still get a good amount of light from it. I intend to learn how to make this at some point before winter of 2013/2014.  (Right now I'm broke.)