STDs are getting worse

(Via Boing Boing) Wired's Superbug blog reports: "Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea: WHO Agrees It’s An Emergency"

Since the late 1990s, a very small group of researchers worldwide has been sounding the alarm about gonorrhea becoming resistant to the last group of drugs, cephalosporins, that can cure the disease in an outpatient setting. That is, the drugs can be given by mouth and usually take a single dose or a small number of doses to effect a cure. Those requirements are important because they are the conditions on which community-clinic STD control is based. Community programs — single visits to low-cost clinics where drugs are dispensed relatively quickly — is what keeps the cost of STD control from spinning into unaffordability.

This story makes me very angry.

The post focuses on the fact of the existence of growing strains of antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea.  It explores the reasons that it's developed.  It doesn't address the element of the issue that most seriously bothers me:  the national political culture of ignoring science when it comes to sex.[1. I'm not suggesting that this is a flaw in the post -- it just didn't happen to be about this.]

According to Wikipedia, the United States has dumped over $1 billion into funding abstinence only education in the last decade.  There are constant, widespread campaigns against organizations like Planned Parenthood, who help fight the spread of STDs.  If diseases could lobby, I'd think the Republican party was in the pocket of the gonorrhea PAC.

I'm angry because I see a world made measurably worse by policies and viewpoints that (a.) we know don't reflect reality, and (b.) are arguably[2. and I think it's a very strong argument] unconstitutional.