Pants Points 1.1 final report

Today is the last day of the trial run, version 1.1, of the Pants Points system -- and I think it's been a resounding success.  It continues to be a little bit uncomfortable to talk about the state of my laundry on the internet, but as with most things I figure I probably wouldn't stick to it if I wasn't using the internet to hold me accountable. Final score: 1440/1750.

Now's probably also a good time to update on my other winter break goals: 

  • I have not finished the first draft of the story I'm on.  That said, it's kind of turning into a novella.  I think it's pretty good, so I'm going to finish[1. I mean, even if it sucked I'd finish.  Every story feels like it sucks somewhere in the middle of it, and it's supposed to.  That's what first drafts are for.] then put it on hold for a total rewrite after I've got some distance from the story.  
  • I learned a lot about regular expressions.  Like, now I know what they are, and have used them in a few situations.  I'm pretty sure if I had a big project that regexes would help with, it would be easy to look up some syntax and write them.  Learning code is going to have to get on the list some time soon.
  • I am not finished learning the concepts on the College Algebra CLEP test.  I've been working on it, but I'm struggling with quadratic equations.
  • My finances aren't totally sorted, but they're in a much better place than they were at the start of vacation.
  • My spaces aren't clean.  Maybe neater than they might otherwise be, but definitely not clean.

So, going into this coming semester:

  • Straight A's.  Obviously.
  • Read books from all this year's Clarion authors, in case I get in.
  • Finish learning, take, and ace, the College Algebra CLEP test.
  • Keep up with my responsibilities to the Observer (school paper) and the Community Outreach Group, but don't take on more external commitments.
  • Finish the story I'm working on, figure out what to start on next.  (Probably the rewrite of my first novel.  I'm looking forward to that.)
  • Stay marginally organized.
  • Here's the new set of Pants Points rules:

[table id=4 /]

The Perfect Score bonus is now 7, so the max possible daily score is still 50.  The biggest difference is an adjustment in some of the multipliers.  The version 1.1 rules stand:

  • For a perfect day (all items on the list, clean) the day’s score gets bumped up to 50 points.  The total possible points without this bonus is 37, so that’s a 13 point bonus.
  • The day’s score is locked in the first time I leave the property of wherever I woke up.  (That means if I crash at someone’s house, I need to have a change of clothes with me or I’m not getting points for that day.  It also means I can’t run out to a gas station in a t-shirt and dirty pants, then come home and put on a clean outfit to blog.)

These goals are set 'till the start of Spring Break (the Monday).