Alex Day on Goals

As you may know if you've been reading my blog for a long time (I don't know if I actually have any long-time readers, but if you're here, thanks!) you know that I like setting goals, making bets, and vowing things.  There are a few important features of an effective goal, and Alex Day hits on them in his new video, here:

The first point he makes, announcing your goal to lots of people so you'll look bad if you don't follow through, is, I think, the most controversial one of his claims.  Personally, I know I need to announce my goals, because if I don't I won't follow through.  But there's psychological evidence that, because telling people you're going to do something offers the same emotional kick that actually finishing does, many people who talk about their goals fail to follow through.

I've made every mistake Day talks about, and come to a very similar set of personal criteria.  I'm not sure spelling it out in a video is enough to really get the message through, these might be lessons you have to learn for yourself.  But, maybe not.  Either way, it's a great video.