I've just discovered Medicative, a blog run by Dan Gillmor about false information on the internet. The first post I read on the site has pretty strongly endeared me to its contents. It describes a business decision on the part of the New York Times to require commenters to log in via Facebook accounts, in order to verify their identity.  Gillmor says:

This is vastly, vastly better for Facebook than the Times. Given Facebook’s tendency to track what people do online whenever possible — something you can take for granted in this case, given the attractive (for marketers) demographics of Times readers — the company will gain deep insights into what these people read and buy.

This post is from March 20 -- posts on this site appear to be rare, the last three being in March, February, and January.  It might be dead, but I'll be checking back for a while just in case.  There's also a book, of the same title, which I'm interested in getting a copy of when I have money, whenever that happens.