SourceFed on gun rights

I don't love SourceFed's coverage of events like the recent shooting.  Like most American media, they tend to be a little too both-sides-no-matter-what for my taste.  But their latest video on the topic, Obama's Plan for Gun Reform, contains one of the most important points that mostly fails to be brought up in this debate:

I'm not quite sure where I stand on guns.  I think a person should be able to protect his or her family.  But I don't think he or she needs a semi-automatic weapon to do so.  I also don't think owning a piece of metal that hurls smaller pieces of metal at high velocity is an inalienable right.  It's a legal right, and I think people tend to get those two things confused.  It was a legal right that was created when our culture was in a much different place.

(emphasis mine.)

The thing about the right being created when our culture was in a different place is usually brought up in these conversations, but it's usually not accompanied by anyone highlighting the point that the idea of 'rights' is a complicated set of philosophical and legal premises, not one individual position.