Huh. Facebook actually did go down.

I thought I was suffering weird, site-specific connectivity problems yesterday, when I couldn't get Facebook to load in my browser or on my phone.[1. Despite the accusations of my family and less tech-savvy friends, I am not a computer person.]  It occurred to me to Google about it, and I discovered at least one site claiming that Facebook had gone down. Still, it seemed overly optimistic to believe the whole site was down, everywhere.  But I guess I was mistaken -- Computerworld reports that Facebook was, in fact, down on Thursday, and that Anonymous is taking credit.

Yeah, I have a Facebook.  I barely use it, but I have not yet taken that leap of integrity and switched entirely over to a more varied set of social connectivity tools.  I'm hoping that the internet makes it easy for me, and Facebook just MySpaces soon.  There are inherent risks of having a single, dominant social network.  It's not a good thing.

Still, I have mixed feelings about Facebook going down because of Anon attacks. It's tough to find a way to justify breaches of the social contract of the internet such as those which Anonymous represents, without arguing in a way that could just as easily justify attacks against yourself.  On the other hand, it's not as though Facebook isn't using underhanded tactics to preserve their own place in the market.

On that topic: It's Facebook election week

According to, Facebook is holding an election today for a vote on whether to switch to a new policy. Apparently, the biggest issue is the data policy:

So what’s different about the new privacy rules? Comparing the current and new rules side-by-side, one thing jumped out at us: the new Data Use Policy. It contains an expanded list of activities in which user data can be collect by Facebook — whether you’re interacting with an app or something else on the site.

I voted to keep the old rules.  Voting continues through next Friday, June 8, at 9am Pacific Time.  That's 12pm, Noon, EST.

Here's a link to vote.