July Charity Debt: Water.org

This month's charity pick is Water.org, a favorite charity of a number of vloggers.  (Flying vloggers out to see, and report on, the conditions in the less-industrialized world is a great advertising strategy.)  You can see WheezyWaiter visiting India here, and Hank Green visiting Haiti here. I checked out Water.org on Charity Navigator, where it has 4 out of 4 stars.  Also, Matt Damon really is a co-founder.  I thought that was just a joke in WheezyWaiter's video.

According to their FAQ, $25 buys one person clean water for life.  So, $5 should help at least a little.

Here's a donation link.

[The title of this post was edited on July 30, when I noticed, embarrassingly late, that I wrote "March" instead of "July." -- Watson]