I was right! (about Denzel Washington)

I wrote a review of Flight last month, in which I suggested that Denzel Washington keeps tricking me into watching religious movies.  Quote (arguably spoilery):

But I think this is the second time in a row Denzel Washington has tricked me into watching a religious movie.  I mean, the commercials made it clear that this movie had a lot to do with alcoholism.  They did not make it at all clear, though, that it was about the struggle between drug abuse and salvation through God.  It was basically an ad for AA.

Well, Xan Brooks interviewed Washington for the Guardian, where he explained that he does, in fact, seek out particularly moralistic movies in service of a religious goal.

Sometimes he wonders if there is still more he can do. "I remember some years ago asking my pastor: 'Do you think I'm supposed to be a preacher?' And he said: 'Well, you are. You have a pulpit of your own.'" Washington gulps at his coffee. "That's not to say that I'm preaching, necessarily. I don't want to tell you what you need to do. I mean, I'm not turning it up to 10 when it comes to being correct, I'm not that guy, I like my wine."

He does, however, have a firm moral stance on the roles that he takes. Washington rejigged his Oscar-winning role as damned, dastardly Alonzo Harris in Training Day so that the character's come-uppance was more severe and admits that he tried to do the same with Whip in Flight. The film, he feels, lets Whip off too lightly.

It's a pretty good article, and I do still really like his movies.  It's nice to know in advance now, though, that if I go to see anything starring Denzel Washington, I can expect a lot of God, too.