DarwinTunes: musical evolution

(via SciShow) Researchers have created a music generation program called Darwin Tunes, at a website which allows its users to vote on segments of sound -- the most popular ones are randomly interbred with the other most popular ones, and the least popular ones go extinct.

The result has been aesthetically pleasing songs produced, essentially, by evolutionary processes.

The loops I'm listening to as I write this post are very cool, and sound pretty much like what I'd expect to come out of computers and geeks evolving music to survive in the environment of their aesthetic taste.  It's some of the most easily evocative music I've ever heard -- I have no trouble feeling immersed in the mental images created by the song, and it feels like a combination of green, watery nature in morning light, and a certain amount of retro digital vector graphics.  (Maybe that will make sense if you listen to the loops.)

I think this might be my new blogging music.