WriteWorld's Album Challenge

There's a cool writing challenge going on at WriteWorld's tumblr!  It's called the Album Challenge, and entrants are tasked to write a coherent work which is closely inspired by a single album.  Each separate part of the story must correspond to one of the songs on the album, in order, and include only and all the songs on the album you've chosen. I picked Get Better by Lemuria, because I know I like Lemuria's style, based on the song Buzz, but I haven't listened to that album before so I'm coming at it with a fresh mind.

I'm doing this because I find I have a lot of trouble pushing myself to create full, self-contained narrative works without some particular purpose in mind, and that seriously hinders my ability to just sort of dick around with writing, which is a problem because just writing stuff is how you practice writing and I won't get any better if I don't do stuff like this.

So I figure competitions are a good way to get myself into that (they come with prompts and deadlines) and the Album Challenge one looks like loads of fun.  I'll be up online when I'm done with it, by the end of this month.  And if you want to enter, the rules are at that link above, and the only requirements are that you name your album before submitting your entry, and you turn in the final product before September 1st.