My Little Ponies: A Review

I've only seen the first 2 episodes of My Little Ponies, so I want to be clear about this:  This is a first-impressions review. I was deeply hesitant to watch My Little Ponies, for a few reasons.  (a.)  It's a children's show about ponies.  (b.) There are a lot of other shows I want to catch up on, so getting into My Little Ponies is a time investment I'm not necessarily comfortable with.  (c.)  The "Bronies" phenomenon makes me uncomfortable -- I don't want my liking a show to come off as a statement of ironic masculinity.

So, here's pretty much what happened:  I spend the whole first episode feeling awkward and uncomfortable, rarely enjoying the show for itself, and only occasionally enjoying making fun of it.  The second episode was a bit more fun, I enjoyed lightly mocking the super-obvious symbolism.  At the end, the main character pony's speech did make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but it felt kind of cheap.  I didn't feel like the show had earned that emotional response, they were just using buzzwords to create strong emotions.

Afterwards, I gave the show a solid "Eh."  I understand why people like it -- it's a strongly written, emotionally seductive show that stays on message in a a way a lot of people can empathize with.  The "Brony" meme also helps spread it out across new demographics, but like I said, ironic masculinity weirds me out just as much as regular macho masculinity.

I don't know if I'm going to watch more of this show.  Right now I'm leaning towards 'no,' but I'm not committing to that position.