David Wong on privilege

In the recent Cracked article, 5 ways you're accidentally making everyone hate you, David Wong explores the role of power in a lot of accidental conflicts.  By far my favorite one is the last one, "#1. You Assumed That Because You Were OK With a Situation, Everybody Was."  In it, he does an awesome job of expressing a major theme in privilege:

You will be on one side of a conflict that does not feel like a conflict to you, because that is the conflict. Trust me, there's a great chance you'll be oblivious to it until it's too late. Entire governments have fallen this way.


You didn't perceive yourself as being in a position of power because that is the main advantage of power -- that you don't have to think about it. You don't think about money when you're eating at a restaurant. But you sure as fuck think about it when you're too poor to eat.