contraception = human right

First of all: What the alt-219x4,  Audio and video ad with a 5-second wait before I can close it on a text article?  AND ads that start playing sound if my mouse goes fracking near them?  I'm not even linking to your article.  I'm just going to talk about it. Now, to the point:

For the first time in history, the United Nations has acknowledged contraception as a human right.  That is, women have the right to be able to have sex and not get pregnant.  This declaration explicitly doesn't include abortion, but it's still a huge step forward.

Being able to plan whether or not you're going to be pregnant is a prerequisite for pursuing equality, and I think it's obvious that it needs to be protected on an international level.

This also raises one of my favorite philosophical conundrums, what constitutes a human right?

I think that human rights should be defined by the point of meeting between the best possible baseline of life for humans, and the technical ability of humankind to achieve that baseline through cooperation.  For a while now, contraception has been within that range, and it's good to see that the UN is stepping up to it.