A new strategy for getting through books

I made a stamp a while ago.  I'm quite proud of it, and I like using it.  But I don't often have much reason to. Finishing stamp

It represents the various blending forms of communication -- spoken (word bubble) visual (picture) text (word bubble) mixed media (panel with character speaking word bubble) and media-awareness (word bubble breaking panel boundary.)  I use it to stamp things I have finished.  It is my finishing stamp.

I have even less reason, generally, to use the other stamp I made, which I carved because making stamps is fun. It's a lampshade, which represents lampshading, and I've finally found a use for it.

Lampshade stamp

In the process of lending out some books, I discovered that stamping is quite a good way to mark my property.  I mean, it's fun, anyway.  And it's got the added advantage of providing a use, per book, for both stamps.  When I add a book to my library[1. Which I figure is not exactly the same as owning a book, but have not yet seriously considered the criteria for.] it gets labeled and stamped.

Stamped book text:  From the personal library of T.X. Watson

Then, when I finish a book, I stamp the back, with my finishing stamp.

Finishing stamp in the back of a book