Google Fiber is online (in Kansas City, Missouri)

After reading this article on ArsTechnica, I went and did a speed test to see what kind of upload and download speeds I'm getting.  I'm not super computer-literate, so sometimes I have trouble bringing that kind of information into context.  My download speed is 4.63Mbps; upload, 6.37Mbps. Google Fiber offers speeds of 600-700Mpbs.  On the low end, that's 130 Times faster than my internet connection.

The article also discusses Ben Barreth, a man who bought a home in the Fiber-section of Kansas City, to offer free temporary housing to programmers who want to create startups.  They're also considering renting out a room for tourists:

He anticipates getting donations, sponsorships, or, the most-likely scenario, renting out one of the bedrooms via AirBnB to the first Google Fiber "tourists"—people who might want to come for a day or two at a time to try it out.

"$50 a night for 10 nights a month would cover mortgage and most of the utilities," he said.

So, Kansas City has just made the list of places I really, really want to visit, and I know exactly where I want to stay. Heh, I could live-blog the internet at high speed! It makes me a little giddy just thinking about how quickly my post would upload, and re-load the editing page after I hit update.

UPDATE: I just published, and it took like 30 seconds before it would let me type more stuff.