Displays more 3D than ever before

It feels a little weird that I'm the one reporting this, not Mike, but the US military is basically inventing the 3D technology from Star Wars.  Their goal is to create 3D displays that can be viewed by any number of people, from any angle, without any special eyewear.

That SourceFed video, embedded above, is packed with more information about 3D technology than I knew could exist.  Apparently, a system of laser imaging called LIDAR already produces 3D image files that could be projected with this kind of technology.  There's even a name for the resolution of a 3D image, "Hogels," analogous to 2D pixels.

I really shouldn't be this surprised that there's such a well-developed language around 3D display technology.  But, to be honest, I didn't think this was going to happen.  Real 3D displays is one of the Sci Fi staples that I sort of assumed were always going to be Sci Fi.

The weird relationship between advancing technology and the realm of science fantasy is just going to get weirder and weirder, isn't it?  I think we might be pretty much past the point, as a species, where we can reliably say that anything outright proven impossible, isn't possible.  And, even that impossible stuff, we might figure out a work-around.