My autocorrect

There are a few things on my phone's autocorrect that annoy me. I'm bringing this up because I've got nothing to blog about, and I just noticed one of them.

As a writer, I was heavily influenced by George Orwell and Lewis Carroll.  By that, I mean I make up a lot of words.  I also get a bit of it from Joss Whedon.  I love making newspeak constructions of words that lean just slightly closer to the mark than the real words available, I love throwing 'ish' or '-y' on the end of words where they don't belong (questionish, empiricismy, existentialism-flavored...) and I love making up entirely new words that just sound like they mean what I want them to.

Autocorrect disapproves of this gung-ho attitude towards word choice.

The worst thing about it on Android autocorrect is that it demands that you save the new word as a permanent word, or it forces you to autocorrect to the first suggestion.  There's no way to write something wrong 'just this once.'

Who the hell writes like that?  Who the hell doesn't occasionally need to write a word they intend to never write again in their lives?

Oh well.

I ordered business cards today

There was a deal on the internet, so I ordered 500 new business cards today.  I normally have business cards, but I've been without them for almost six months now, because I ran out of cards, money, and a certain degree of giving a crap about having business cards. Nonetheless, in the intervening months, there have been a handful of situations where having the cards would have come in handy, and I'm glad to have new ones on the way.  They've got my pen name on them, as well as this website, this website's email, my twitter (@txwatson) and my comic (  I figure if I'm giving them to someone for personal reasons, it's not like I ever don't have a pen. I can just write my name and/or phone number on the card.

Apart from that, I had a good day, but nothing particularly bloggable happened.  (blogable? Bloggable? Blog-worthy?  Bloggish?)  And it's Sunday, so I don't mind taking it easy on content.  Talk to you tomorrow.

My opinions on toothpaste

I've been through a number of different brands of toothpaste throughout my life.  I've had a troubled relationship with brushing my teeth -- I do it gladly now, but when I was young I viewed it as a chore.  (A number of cavities, a broken tooth and a root canal have changed my mind.) During that time, I've developed some opinions on different brands of toothpaste.

I currently use Rembrandt, because it tastes good, and to be totally honest the cost reinforces the value judgement I place on brushing my teeth -- using expensive toothpaste makes me want to brush my teeth more.  (I'm not above exploiting my shallowness for personal gain.)

Throughout most of my childhood, though, I used Crest. It had a decent flavor, and it was what my parents bought.

The only other toothpaste I have significant experiences with is Thomas's, which was the kind my parents use.  I have had to use it on the rare occasion that I had run out of my own.

That stuff is vile in every possible way.  I recommend strongly against it.  I suspect my parents of self-loathing.

Talk to you tomorrow.