Review: Bloggers Boot Camp

I want to be a better blogger.  Not just as a means to an end (though having a consistent audience would be nice) but as an end unto itself -- I want to be good at this, and I want to do what I can to master and advance the medium.  But it's difficult to work out how to do that on your own. Fortunately, I didn't have to.  I've had Bloggers Boot Camp, by Charlie White and John Biggs, sitting on a shelf in my room for about a month now, and this weekend I finally got around to reading it.

It's a great book -- it's clear, conversational, and highly informative.  The 1000 word a day rule I've been using comes from this book (I got it from the Boing Boing review last year, when I found out the book exists) but there was a whole bunch of other stuff I had no idea about.  (Did you know that Google Analytics is a thing?)

So, Bloggers Boot Camp gets a definite thumbs-up from me.  (I'm not sure about the star rating.  I keep giving things fives.  Maybe I need to read crappier books?)  If you're just getting into blogging, I recommend it.