3D printed record

Cory Doctorow at Boing Boing has posted a video of a record -- it doesn't look like it's actually made of vinyl, but still -- that was printed with a 3D printer, and actually plays.  (Kind of badly.  I mean, I'm really enjoying watching and listening to it, but that's more because I'm amazed at the technology than that it's a particularly faithful replication of the sound.)

I'm waiting for the way when taking a snapshot of a vinyl disc can be the first step toward deriving its audio content, converting that back to a shapefile, and printing out a high-fidelity duplicate.

[Video source] [Instructables page on making 3D printed records]

3D Chocolate Printer. Seriously.

I've discovered a new thing I never knew I always wanted.  A UK company, Choc Edge, has invented and is selling a chocolate printer, using technology similar to the MakerBot replicator. The machine's retail price is £2,888, which in American dollars is about $4,600.  So, outside of my price range, but looks like it would be a good investment for a startup company with a 3D artist on staff.

Here's a video of a print job with 3D elements:

(via WebProNews)