Thoughts on Doctor Who series 7.2

So I caught up on Doctor Who -- after seeing a lot of hate about the series 7.2 premiere, then watching the first half of that episode, I took a break.  But I'm caught up now. And I really get the hate about the premiere.  It wasn't a good episode.  (Seriously,  'I don't understand WiFi' means 'I've never heard of Twitter?'  I can't figure out how to work Linux, but I can still make jokes about it.  I mean, I don't, but I'm aware enough of the stereotypes surrounding it that if I wanted to I could make uninformed statements that would sound like they made sense -- which is what it sounded like Clara was doing when the Doctor saw her incredible insight.)

And, a lot of the DW commentary I saw discussed giving up on the show after that episode, and I don't think there's anything wrong with that.  Disliking the problematic content in a part of the series and stepping away from the show because of that doesn't, in my opinion, make someone a bad Whovian, and it certainly doesn't make them a bad person if they choose to stop identifying as a Whovian.  (Or never did.  I'm not actually sure whether the people writing those essays thought of themselves as Whovians.)

But I decided to stick around, and I'm glad I did.

I came to new Who about a week late, after it started airing in America, and the first episode I ever saw wasn't "Rose."  It was "The End of the World," which was really a pretty good episode.  It got way better, really fast, after that, but "The End of the World" gave me enough faith in the show to keep watching, mainly because Doctor Who seemed important, and I wanted to be a part of the community.

A lot later, I got around to seeing "Rose."  You know, the one where the trash barrels come to life and a giant bowl of lava threatens Rose with a really obviously plastic Mickey that Rose can't tell is fake for some reason.  I was pretty sure that, if I had seen "Rose" first, I wouldn't have bothered with Doctor Who.

That ended up being true of a lot of companions' first episodes.  It seemed a bit like the producers of Doctor Who had all made a deal that the first episode of every series had to suck.  The first time that didn't happen for me was with the Eleventh Hour, which remains one of my favorite episodes.

So I kept watching, this season, even after Clara's first episode, "The Bells of Saint John," really, really sucked.  And I watched "The Rings of Akhaten," which I loved.  It wouldn't make the top ten, but it brought me close to tears once or twice, and if I had to rank all the episodes of new Who, it would beat out "The End of the World."  In that episode, the show proved to me that it still had the stuff I cared about, if, like always, I stuck it out through the terrible episodes.