What the hell, Fox?

So, Fox owns a lot of the rights to Firefly.  That's kind of sucky.  But as long as they leave the Browncoats alone, it's not that big a deal, right?  I mean, it's not like Fox is responsible for the premature death of a defining sci fi show of a generation or anything. So, yeah.  They screwed the community very nearly from day one.  The least they could do is just leave us the hell alone.  But apparently not:  they still want to make a profit on Browncoats.  Io9 reports, Fox is shutting down independent makers of Jayne hats, so there's no competition against their mass-produced version.

io9 writes,

Recently, Ripple Junction has licensed the fan apparel and obtained the rights to mass-produce the product. And in return, Fox is shutting down all the mom and pop Jayne hat makers. Which is ridiculous because the very point of a Jayne hat is to own a mangled handmade orange monstrosity that warms your noggin, not something churned out on an assembly line. But now that Fox has sold the licence, they now have to shake down Etsy members who are lovingly knitting their Firefly memorabilia.

ThinkGeek have something to say for themselves, too:

Browncoats, we hear your concerns about the cease and desist on Etsy Jayne Hat sellers!

We weren't involved in that process, but we have reached out to FOX and we've heard what you've had to say. As a result, we've decided to donate the profits from all Jayne Hat sales on our site to Can't Stop the Serenity, a Browncoat charity dear to ThinkGeek's heart that raises funds and awareness in support of Equality Now. We'll continue making that donation until we run out of stock.

We hope the Hero of Canton himself would approve.