Strange things I saw today on the internet

I spent some time at my friends' house today, to have dinner and discuss the officiation of their handfasting.  Things digressed, as they often do, and we ended up spending some time sharing the weird videos we had all respectively seen during our time on the internet. We opened with a video I'd never seen before, Chocolate Bunny by Blink on Vimeo.  It's bright, disturbing, and feels deeply meaningful -- but I have no idea what that meaning could possibly be.

Maybe something about the inherent self-destructiveness of the consumerization of religious celebrations?

The next one was a video I brought to the table, How To Make Fruit Salad by How To Basic.  Here's what the video description says:

Today I show you how to make a healthy, delicious, light & fluffy homemade fruit salad. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions and you will make a fruit salad that will go down a treat with your family. This makes enough fruit salad to feed a family of 83. Perfect for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or even a Snack!

Here's what actually goes on in the video:

This guy has 174 videos on his channel.  He appears to make two of them a week. Every single one has a thumbnail of the relevant food, perfectly cooked and beautifully lit.  If you didn't watch what actually happens in the video, please scroll back up and do that now.

We watched a few videos on his channel.

Next, we watched Kracie - popin' cookin' #3 - Sushi candy making kit (Edible / can eat) by RRcherrypie.  This one's one of my partner's favorite kinds of weird video, featuring self-assembly candies that require the user to mix powders with water until they set into molds, then taking them out and assembling them.  I can't imagine ever going to that much effort -- I'm pretty sure I'd just mix the ingredients, let them set, and eat them out of the mold.  But watching them come together into the amazing edible sculptures that RRcherrypie turns them into is enthralling.

We watched a few videos on that channel, too.

After that, we moved on to relatively more normal videos, but since I'm on the topic of weird, surreal youtube content, here's one that I occasionally remember, that seems pretty appropriate for this post.  It's an ad for Litlte Baby's Ice Cream called This is a Special Time.

If you feel like you're going to have any trouble sleeping soon, this might help.  Make it worse.