Pants Points Report

It seems like I may never again manage to get one of these up on a Friday.  Oh well.  Last week's scores were 160/350, bringing the total to 2411/3400. I mentioned last week that I started exercising, too -- I won't be regularly checking in with my progress on that here, but I am keeping track.  I have to have some boundaries, I guess.  Also, thinking about my physical health makes me super-insecure.  I will say that we've been doing at least 10 minutes of exercise a day -- save Saturday, which we missed -- and it's getting better, even as it gets more intrinsically embarrassing.

I'm actually watching OnDemand exercise videos, which are awesome for getting me to go through with a whole set of exercises without hurting myself, but they're so steeped in cultural baggage that I have to wait for my parents to go to sleep before I do them.  (Actually, I'm doing all my exercising after they go to sleep, or before they get home from work.  I don't have a super-healthy relationship with them, self-esteem wise.)