Woman assaulted in foreign country; assault publicized; fellow American disparages her to other Americans in the country

Amanda Erickson at Slate wrote an article about her assault in Azerbaijan, and an email she recieved afterwards.  Four Men Assaulted Me, but All I Could Think About Was a Woman's Nasty Email is a weird, slightly disturbing article.  And it's short, so check it out.

When people asked me about what happened, I was too shaken to offer much beyond my standard: “It was weird; I’m fine.” The only anecdote I did share—more times than I’d like to admit—was that in the days after the attack, a fellow American woman had circulated an email to other expats linking what I’d been wearing (listed in explicit detail) to what had happened.

As I tried to recover, the only thing I was coherently, consistently, ragefully angry about was this email. It was strange to me even then that this woman—not the boys who attacked us, the police who mistreated us, the officials who pushed rumors about what had happened—was the epicenter of my rage.