Speech is cool

Want to make a bunch of weird noises reading an article, quietly enough that (you hope) the person sitting next to you doesn't hear you and think you're weird?  You're in luck!  This article, 8 bizzare sounds you've probably made without knowing it by James Harbeck at theweek.com, pretty much compels you to make what sound like totally meaningless noises, no matter who's in the room.

5. Alveolar click What? Clicks are those famous sounds used in the languages of some South African peoples, and made known to much of the world by the early 1980s movie The Gods Must Be Crazy. An alveolar click is a click made in the same place you say "t." Who does that? Clicks are used in the Khoisan language family of southern Africa; a few centuries ago they spread into some neighboring Bantu languages, most notably Zulu and Xhosa. When did I do that? Tsk. Come on. Last time you said "tsk."

6. Palatal click What? See above. This click is done on the roof of your mouth, where peanut butter sticks. Who does that? See above. When did I do that? Sometime when you were imitating knocking.