professional Starcraft

Every once in a while, I remember a blog post I read on Penny Arcade, which was apparently from 2007.  It's the post accompanying the comic "On The Keeping Of Secrets."  Here's the part that stuck in my mind:

I’ve seen world-class Starcraft played, and it looks nothing like the game I played with my friends.  They aren’t just doing the things that we do, only faster.  They are operating some kind of Zergling circus; they appear to have taught them tricks.  There is a zergling with a ball on its nose, walking on a wire with a long stick.  Gabriel and I watched Yellow play at Blizzcon and couldn’t really understand it.  It was as though he thought in an alien way.

When it bubbles up, I think about the idea of professional Starcraft players, about watching people play a video game better than I could imagine.  I regretted that I was unlikely to get the opportunity to see a Starcraft competition.

Then, it occurred to me that loads of people upload gameplay on YouTube.  So I searched for 'starcraft championship' and clicked on the first video.

After watching it, giving it a lot more attention than I thought I was going to, I found out that there are at least 3 more videos in that championship.  So I did some googling and found the format for tournaments.  Apparently, the finals are best of 7, which is how baseball works, right?  Or hockey.  Or football.  I don't know, at least one of the meatspace sports works like that.

Apparently the 2013 Starcraft competition thingy hasn't happened this year.  I might figure out how to follow it.